Spray Tanning

Sienna X Spray Tan is suitable for all skin types and the professional choice for spray tanning. It is much safer then exposing the skin to UVA & UVB rays and following pre and post tanning guides will ensure that your left with a natural sun kissed tan.

The London Tan
An elegant warm finish to the skin that can be worn all year round. Shoulders, arms and legs glisten in this tan for all seasons.  The fairest skin tones are complimented, letting eyes, hair and lips pop.  A striking yet subtle tan for blondes and redheads.
Think: Emilia Clarke

The New York Tan
Dark nights let this bold colour shine.  This dazzling tan helps reveal cleavage and legs.  This rich golden hue makes all skin tones smoulder on the girl about town. This tan evokes a feeling of confidence and helps to tone and slim the body and shout out beautiful.  Suitable for the lady that tans well in the sun.
Think: Jennifer Aniston

The Barcelona Tan
There is no getting away from this Mediterranean tan. This sultry tan highlights and frames the body. This tan is rich, and a must for brunettes and olive skin tones in essence, its a long lasting deep golden brown that has added sheen when used with Radiance Body Balm
Think: Penelope Cruz

1 Hour Tan
Don’t have time to wait 8 hours for your tan to develop? No problem this express tan gives you instant results within 1-4 hours ready for your big night out!

Bridal Spray Tan Fitting

This unique tan works the same way as your usual tan with the difference that it is clear when applied. Over the developing time you will gradually see your tan develop in colour. The shade of the bridal tan is a light to medium colour which gives a natural glow effect for any bride to be. This unique solution is designed for brides or anyone that has a special occasion who does not want any tan referral on their garment, which can happen on tight fitting dresses. This natural glowing tan will help you feel confident and radiant on your big day. tan.
A trial tan fitting is recommended a couple of weeks before the big day.

Spray Tan Parties
Always great fun to get you ready for that special occasion with your friends.
If you invite 3 or more of your friends, as the hostess you receive a free goody bag and you and your guests receive 15% off their spray tans, each with Sienna X samples. Only £18. each


  • Dark loose clothing
  • Flip flops
  • No deodorant/perfume
  • Exfoliate before hand

Other useful information

  • Tan takes 8 hours to develop, apart from tonights the night this takes 2-4 hours, please specify when booking
  • Moisturise for a few days after to keep skin hydrated
  • £5 deposit is required from each party member when booking.